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To access certain features, users must have login credentials. You may create a User Account by entering your First and Last Name, Main Phone Number and Email Address. If you know you are already in the Grace database, the information entered should match what is currently stored in your existing record. Once the information is entered and you click Create My Account, a confirmation email will be sent to the provided email address. This will include a link to your new user account with a temporary password. Once logged in, you may personalize the password and user name to your liking. Be sure and click Save User Record before logging out. (And don’t forget to keep a personal record of your user name and password.)If you have trouble creating an account, please contact Grace at 314-292-8300 for assistance from our Finance or Database team.


The online portal is secure. We use encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology into our Payment gateway provider's database.

For any questions regarding online giving or your giving history, please contact Norma Lizau at 314-292-8307 or email

This allows people to give to any one or more of the mission trips supported by the church.

The Event Calendar lists an array of public events happening at Grace. Clicking on an event will give you specific information about that particular occasion. If the event requires registration, there will be a link to register as well.

The Group Finder is a tool for individuals wanting to view current small groups and classes both on campus and throughout the area. Interested parties can contact group and class leaders with questions about joining.

The Service Opportunity Finder is a tool for individuals wanting to view current serving opportunities on our A-TEAM at Grace. We are excited that you want to ACT out your faith with us. Simply send an inquiry to the areas of your interest.

Accessing your User Account will allow you to update your contact information and upload a picture to your record. (We ask that you only upload face shots or portrait type pictures. Inappropriate pictures will be removed.) Always be sure and click Save Contact Record (if you have made any changes) before logging out.

For small groups and classes that have requested this feature, current participants will be able to access the rosters of ongoing groups or classes. Only people in those specific groups/classes can see this. (If you want your email and phone number to be unlisted here, remember to indicate that in your User Account.) There is also a group/class calendar which displays upcoming meetings and events.

The My Missions Trips page allows an authenticated user to see fundraising progress on mission trips they are current participating in or have previously participated in. Trip participants can also see the dollar amount of financial gifts, as well as the name and address of the donor. Trip leaders can see fundraising progress of all mission trip participants for their specific trip.

Authenticated users can view the last five years of giving, see scheduled recurring donations for the future, and cancel any recurring donations they wish to discontinue. To cancel future donations, choose the next month for the scheduled donation and click on the link to cancel the series.

Can't see your Giving History? If you register for a new User Account and are unable to view your giving history or contribution statement, most likely the information you entered when creating your account does not match information we already have in our database (i.e. different email, name or phone). When this occurs, the system creates a new user record for you that has none of your history attached. If this what you experience, please wait a couple of days and recheck your account. We regularly review those records created through the website to make sure we don't already have an existing account in the database. If there is an unintentional duplicate, we will fix the situation by updating your information and combining the records. Once this is done, your login should then give you access to your personal record and giving history. If you do not see information after several days, please contact us at 314-292-8300.

Authenticated users can view, download, and print the last five years of tax-deductible donations through the previous quarter-end date. (We will not be mailing contribution statements effective 2019.) For any questions regarding contributions, please contact Norma Lizau at 314-292-8307 or email